La Roubine values our customers’ right of privacy. We will collect some of your personal information when you use our services. This Privacy Policy indicates how we collect, use, store and share the personal information you provide, and the protection we provide for you to visit, update, control and protect your personal information according to laws and regulations. By using this website, you agree to allow La Roubine to collect, use, store and share your personal information according to this Policy.

Important Notes

According to Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 (Cap. 109 Hong Kong Law), no licensee shall permit any person under the age of 18 years old to drink any intoxicating liquor on any licensed premises. In this case, you have no right to use our services if you are under 18 years old, and please do not provide us any of your personal information if you are not entitled to consume alcoholic beverages.

Information we collect:

We may collect, use and store some of your personal information. You may not be able to register as our customers and enjoy our services or reach expected outcomes of these services if you cannot provide your personal information.

     Information you provide

You need provide your name, address, telephone number, email, transaction card number, etc. to us when you register to be our customer and use our services.

You may provide your information to other parties through our services and the information you store.

     Information shared by third parties

The information a third party may share with us   

How we may use the personal information:

  • Your personal information may be used for delivering our services such as registration, order process, collection and delivery, payment, refund and return, identity check, customer services, online safety, fraud detection, storage, database backup to ensure the safety of our goods and services.
  • Your personal information may also be used to help us optimize our services by analyzing the information you provide and respond to your needs more accurately.
  • We may send you promotion and discount advertisement to you non routinely, to invite you to complete surveys about our goods and services, to update order system.

How you can visit and control your personal information:

We will apply any possible but appropriate technologies to ensure that you can visit, update and rectify your registration information. We may ask you to complete identity authentication to protect your account.

The information we may share:

Without your permission, we will not share your personal information with any third parties except in below cases:

We may share your personal information with our cooperators, affiliates, third parties, contractors such as internet service providers, only for purposes below:

  • To provide our services
  • To achieve the objectives listed in “How we may use your information”
  • To maintain and optimize our services

If your personal information is to be shared by our affiliates our any other third party, we will ensure that your information is under the protection of this Privacy Policy and of the security measures we request them to take.

If merge, acquisition, transfer of assets or other similar transactions happen between La Roubine and a third party for the purpose of business development, your personal information may be transferred as part of asset, which you will be notified in advance. You have the right to ask us to stop sharing your personal information in this case.

Your personal information may be exposed in cases below:

  • As local laws and regulations may request;
  • As the court or other legal procedures may request;
  • As relevant authorities may request;
  • To protect our company, our clients, our employees’ safety of persons and property

Information Safety

Your information will only be stored for a duration necessary to reach the objectives listed in this Privacy Policy and in other laws and regulations.

    We apply various safety technologies to keep your personal information from losing, abusing, and unauthorized exposed. Please understand we cannot always ensure your personal information is safe as antivirus technologies are behind fast-changing hackers and malicious software. Your information and even your equipment may be affected by factors out of our controllable area.   

    How we collect the information:

When you use our services, the system may collect the information including your mobile devices, explorer, your IP address or other devices to link to our website with cookies, web beacon etc.

The information you left when you search or read on our website, such as word, URL or APPs and other information you are requested to provide.

We cooperate with a third party such as internet service provider and website constructor to gather your information by cookies or web beacons and store as web journal, for below purposes:

  • To remember your identity
  • To analyze how you use our services and your preference
  • Advertisement optimization

You can change the settings of your explorer or refuse to accept the cookies and web beacons, but you may not be able to activate some of our online services. For the information you have submitted on the website, you have the right to:

  • Verify if we possess
  • Have access
  • Request us to rectify or delete
  • Request us to stop sending you email or message

Information we may send to you

You may receive our promotion emails newsletters or other advertising messages. If you refuse to receive them, you may delete your submission following the instructions or ask us to stop sending to you.

If you have any questions or advise for this Privacy Policy, please contact:

La Roubine Co.,Ltd.

Flat 15, 6/F, Tonic Industrial Center B

19 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay